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Volunteer advocates worked with
legislators to put
$300,000 in the state budget for a new grant program called Trees for Kids.

• Public Schools in Arizona public school districts, or charter schools
• K-12 participants
• Applicants may submit only one application per year.
• Rolling awards will be made on a first, come first served basis
• Priority given first for schools where 75% or more of the students are eligible for FRPL


Children are especially at risk of lung impairment when they are exposed to high levels of ozone.


Trees provide shade, beauty and cleaner air to breathe by absorbing pollutants.

Trees Are Great for Healthy Kids!

Trees are Good for Business

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Businesses need air quality permits to
set up new activities or expand them in our state. Maricopa County might not have such permits available if we do not improve our air quality.

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Planting trees in schools can help us
meet our air quality goals.

Juliana Cabrera, Phoenix student and youth climate justice leader.jpeg

“When I was a little girl, I could experience going outside and having fun but with this heat that is rising every year, it’s more dangerous for kids to play outside. Something we can do about this is plant more trees in our schools that help with oxygen and shade because when the sun is beating down on us it’s really hard.”

-Juliana Cabrera, Phoenix Student and Youth Climate Justice Leader

Thank you to our sponsors!

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